About Lisle Baker

Alderman R. Lisle Baker has represented constituents in Newton, 
Massachusetts, continuously for over two decades as the Ward 
Alderman for Ward Seven. In addition to helping citizens with 
problems they encounter, Lisle Baker serves on the Zoning and 
Planning Committee, where he has worked with colleagues and citizens 
to update and clarify the City’s ordinances that govern the use of 
land. As an alderman, Lisle Baker also votes on funding relating to 
Newton's schools, library, and recreational activities through the 
Board of Aldermen's Programs and Services Committee. In addition, 
Lisle Baker created the Special Committee on Long Range Planning in 
2004 when he was elected to the first of his three terms as 
President of the Board of Aldermen. While Board President, Lisle 
Baker also created a Newton cable television series, Aldermen at 
Work, which won two local awards and is available at 

Lisle Baker has also been a professor of law at Suffolk University 
Law School since 1973, where he has taught classes on law practice 
planning, property, mediation, environmental law, and land use 
control. While a member of the faculty, Lisle Baker also chaired a 
special committee involved in the design of a new building for the 
Law School, following prior work as chair of a long-range planning 
committee for the School. Lisle Baker has written articles on such 
topics as using insights about perception and judgment as an aid to 
mediation, settling land use appeals within the framework of open 
meeting laws, using special assessments for open space preservation, 
ethical limits on attorney contact with local zoning officials, and 
taxing land speculation. 

After graduating with honors from Williams College in Williamstown, 
Massachusetts, Lisle Baker worked to secured federal antipoverty 
funds for Kentucky and served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He 
then went on to earn his law degree cum laude at Harvard Law School, 
where he was chosen to serve on the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau and to 
be an Instructor in expository writing at Harvard College.

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